Unique Gallery

Great art picks up where nature ends.

We have a wonderful collection of unique art from both emerging and established artists. Our current portfolio showcases a selection of talented artists with completely different styles, but whose work has a connection, in some way, with the outdoors.

Please click on the artist's name to view examples of their work :

Jos MahonShe conveys the drama of remote places worldwide in a very impressive way.

Nothing pleases Jos more than traveling to rugged and unspoilt locations in search of inspiration for her next pieces. As a result of being out there in the elements, her connection with the landscape is conveyed very strongly in her paintings. When you look at the work of this very experienced artist, you feel that you have also visited the same location.
Moira MetcalfeHer creative spirit shines though to show a unique fluidity in her paintings.

Moira has used her experience and emotion to paint landscapes which are almost molten in their appearance and whose contours are highlighted with the bold use of colour. Her fluid lines and spirit of imagination produce a very personal abstract representation.
Sue MoffittAn amazing ability to make extraordinary paintings from unusual subjects.

Sue's work has national acclaim, principally for her characterful portraits of cows. Her lifelong passion for painting has sought inspiration from her love of the outdoors and her upbringing on a dairy farm. Not only does her affinity with wildlife shine through in her work but also her immense knowledge and respect of the animals themselves.
Amanda RabeyHer intricate style allows the creation of paintings within paintings.

This talented artist's inspiration is drawn from the battle between nature and the synthetic world. Amanda's art creates a wonderful combination of precise detail with a natural flow so each time you look at one of her paintings, you see something new.
Naomi WalkerHer unusual techniques provide a texture and depth that compliments every painting.

Her art is inspired by the rural environment in which she lives. The collision of harmony and drama within nature are important features of Naomi's work. Every painting has a unique texture highlighting the ever-changing light and mood of the subject making her work very collectable.
Limited Edition PrintsDo you love our cow paintings?
Well here is a wonderful opportunity to purchase a limited edition signed print. The quality is amazing due to the fact that they are printed on to canvas.
Each print is signed by Sue Moffitt herself and you will also receive a certificate of authenticity.
We have a choice of three different prints and each design is limited to 75 prints.

Pansy and Buttercup (blue background) - 700mm x 700mm. CHF 470
Tabitha (red background) - 700mm x 700mm. CHF 470
Rose III (cream and beige background) - 700mm x 910mm. CHF 550

The framing is not included in the price. You will receive the print on canvas.

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