your own art gallery right here, right now

Wouldn't it be great if you could conjure up your very own art gallery to appear at an event or to mark an occasion just as you would a musician or band to entertain your guests. Imagine their surprise when they see you have created a completely different type of entertainment to stimulate and inspire.

Your guests can wander around and admire the works of art during the interval of a theatre production, or enjoy looking at the paintings in the foyer before a special gala dinner or what about as a welcome to a wedding reception. We can even come to your place of work or we can be part of a product launch.

The pop up gallery is very flexible, from a few hours to a few days - whatever you need, we can create something really special to compliment any event. The beauty of our Gallery is that it is completely self sufficient - so no need for walls or lighting - we bring it all to you and this allows us the freedom to set up in the most unusual places giving your event the wow factor that it deserves.

We can offer our services for any of the following events:-